WOD 28-11-2018


Jumping Jacks
Mtn Climbers

20 Band Pull Aparts
20 Staggered Good Mornings

Front Rack Stretch

5 Clean DL to mid tigh
(shoulders over bar at mid tigh)
5 Clean DL + shrug
(vertical hip extension)
5 Muscle Clean (fast elbows)
5 Lands (foot transition + hip position)
5 Hang Power Clean
5 Power Clean


Touch and Go practice

5 tng DL
5 tng DL + shrug (keep the bar close)
5 tng DL + high pull (focus "long" arms before touching the thigh on the way down)
5 tng muscle cleans
5 tng power cleans

Build workout weight
5 sets of 3 tng power cleans
Finals 2 warm up sets use weight heavier then WOD wt


3 rounds for max reps:
Power clean for 30s, rest 30s
Power clean for 25s, rest 35s
Power clean for 20s, rest 40s
Power clean for 15s, rest 45s
Power clean for 10s, rest 50s

No rest between rounds. Score is total reps
Men: 70kg
Women: 50kg

Intermediate 50kg/35kg
Beginner 30kg/20kg - 2R


Cool down
20s side plank each side
1min hamstring stretch per leg

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