WOD 06-11-2018


Push Press dip practice:
- pause/hold


Modify the pull-ups to something that is challenging yet still allows you to complete multiple reps each round. Consider reducing the number of rounds to reduce the overall volume.

Beginner Option
3min work
20 push press 30kg/20kg
Max-rep jumping pull-ups
odmor 2min, 3R


3min work
20 push press 60kg/40kg
Max-rep weighted pull-ups
Odmor 2min, 5R
Svaku rundu spuštamo kg na weighted pull up

M 24kg-20kg-16kg-12kg-8kg 
Ž 16kg-12kg-8kg-4kg-strict

Intermediate Option
M 50kg push press
12kg-8kg-4kg weighted pull-ups, then strict, then kipping

Ž 30kg push press


AAB 14s, 3min odmor, repeatable effort rounds

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Pokreti u treningu

CrossFit Level 2 trener Ivan Račić demonstrira ispravno izvođenje Push Pressa.

Push Press