WOD 31-10-2018


Deadlift, Squat
Front Rack mobility
Shoulder mobility
Ring Support
Bottom of a Dip
Handstand Holds

HSPU Practice

Squat Clean Practice


The early rounds should be slow and difficult while the exercises in later rounds should become more manageable, allowing you to move faster.

Intermediate Option
For time:
5 strict handstand push-ups
5 squat cleans, 70kg/40kg
10 handstand push-ups
10 squat cleans, 60kg/35kg
20 ring dips
20 squat cleans, 40kg/30kg
40 push-ups
40 squat cleans, 30kg/20kg


For time:
5 ring handstand push-ups
5 squat cleans, 80kg/50kg
10 strict handstand push-ups
10 squat cleans, 70kg/40kg
20 handstand push-ups
20 squat cleans, 60kg/30kg
40 ring dips
40 squat cleans, 40kg/20kg

Beginner Option
3 rounds for time of:
20 knee push-ups
20 squat cleans, 30kg/20kg



Priprema za trening - mobilnost

Deadlift Prep

Deadlift Prep

Hip Mobility

Hip Mobility

Pokreti u treningu

CrossFit Level 2 trener Ivan Račić demonstrira ispravno izvođenje squat cleana

Squat clean